Lady Gaga Explains ‘applause,’ Distinguishes Artists From Celebrities

Ratner addressed the claims on “Attack of the Show” saying, “I used to date Olivia Munn, I’ll be honest with everyone here, when she was Lisa…she wasn’t Asian back then.” He continued: “She was hanging out on my set of ‘After the Sunset,’ I banged her a few times. But I forgot her…because she changed her name…I didn’t know it was the same person, so when she came and auditioned for me for a TV show I forgot her, she got pissed off, and she made up all these stories about me eating shrimp and masturbating in my trailer.” Munn responded by tweeting a link to a Cosmo article she had written titled, “How to Stand up to an A-Hole,” that detailed an incident with a director she called the “Douche.” LeAnn Rimes vs. Giuliana Rancic LeAnn Rimes is skinny — so skinny that she has people worrying that she’s not eating. The equally skinny Giuliana Rancic was one those people. Pot, meet kettle. The two skinny ladies battled it out telling each other to eat a sandwich. Ciara vs. Rihanna Rihanna and Ciara — who both dated Chris Brown in the past — got into a heated public spat in February 2011. First Ciara made a dig at Rihanna on “Fashion Police,” saying: “I ran into her recently at a party. She wasn’t the nicest. It’s crazy because I’ve always loved and respected what she’s done in fashion. It wasn’t the most pleasant run-in.” When Rihanna heard what Ciara had said, she fired back on Twitter. “My bad Ci, did I forget to tip you?

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11 release of her latest album, “Artpop,” on which she emphasizes the importance of art in her work. But the song has been getting bad press from the likes of Perez Hilton and Billboard, and perhaps Mother Monster used that feedback as a cue to explain herself Wednesday. Also PHOTOS: Lady Gaga through the years “‘Applause’ is a very meaningful song to me, because it addresses what many think of ‘celebrities’ today, that we ‘do it’ for the attention,” the singer wrote , adding , “But some of us are ‘artists’ in this group called ‘celebrity,’ & what we create doesn’t live on unless theres an audience to remember it.” “So I may need your attention at first, so I can sing you my song. But its the ‘Applause’ after that let me know if I’ve entertained you,” she posted. “Entertainment makes people happy, I live for the ‘Applause,’ to know I’ve spread that. I live to hear you cheer, to just be a part of that,” she added , concluding , “I believe in show business. The ‘Applause’ is what breeds that thing that I love. When I know i’ve made you happy. When I know it was good.” It’s been quite the year for the 27-year-old, who in February had to undergo hip surgery and took a hiatus from performing until she recovered. “Artpop” comes amid stiff competition from singer Katy Perry , who recently surpassed Gaga in followers on Twitter and on the music charts. Coincidentally, Gaga’s latest effort comes on the heels of her attempt to ramp up her single’s sinking position on the charts. PHOTOS: 50 most beautiful female celebrities The pop star announced a fan contest on Twitter that would award two fans who purchased the most copies of “Applause” a trip to meet her at London’s iTunes Festival, according to the Atlantic . She also linked to a page that would let fans watch the single’s music video 150 times in a row (on a playlist) in a ploy to get the song higher on Billboard’s music chart, which now counts video views in its ranking system. The move prompted Billboard’s editorial director, Bill Werde, to tweet about the matter late last month. “An artist tweeting out and facebooking a link that enables a fan to hit play and leave their computer is not in the spirit of what we chart,” he wrote , adding , “Tweeting that other artists game the system is like telling a cop other people were speeding. When we catch it we stop it.” “I just hate to see anyone try to game the charts, be it fans or artists.