Justin Timberlake Previewing ‘more Dangerous’ Music This Weekend

Breaking The Myth Of The Female DJ In Electronic Dance Music

Xbox Music requires an Xbox Music Pass subscription ($9.99 per month or $99.99 per year); there’s no free mobile version. That said, you can test-run the service for 30 days, but that still requires removing plastic from your wallet for the trial. Xbox Music has the most streamlined interface of all the high-profile streaming music services. After logging into the app, you’re taken to the Playlist section where you can dive into previously created playlists or create new ones from scratch. I liked that it immediately took me to music that I likeit is my playlist, after allbut I prefer Slacker Radio ‘s paneled approach that offers several points of entry designed to drive you deeper into its catalog. My “The Dirtbombs” query returned several thumbnail images that, when clicked, let me check out the band’s bio page, individual albums, and related groups such as The Gories. Oddly, some related artist listings lack thumbnail images, which gives the interface an incomplete look. View all 4 photos in gallery Rivals such as Spotify and Slacker specialize in recreating the radio experience by focusing on recommendations and channel building, but Xbox Music for iPhone does not (it should be noted that the Xbox Music Windows tablet app does). It’s designed with playlists and collections in mind, which may require you to change how you consume audio. Xbox Music doesn’t list genres/categories/channels so you must actively search for content until you build Collection and Playlists, which I found mildly annoying. Once again, the Xbox Music Windows tablet app one-ups the iPhone versionit features over a dozen music categories. Why this is omitted from the iPhone build is a headscratcher.

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Oftentimes, EDM artists are both. Last year, Deadmau5 ignited a debate among many in EDM after he called out several prominent DJs for simply pressing play onstage , thrusting one of industry’s worst-kept secrets into the spotlight. The Canadian DJ and producer clarified his statement in a blog post on Tumblr , writing, “We all hit play. It’s no secret. When it comes to ‘live’ performance of EDM that’s about the most it seems you can do anyway.” Many DJs who do improvise portions of their sets reacted with indignation . “I definitely always play off the crowd,” Cassy said. She prefers to play other artists’ music since it’s “much more fun.” “I like stuff that’s very groovy and has a lot of drive. It makes you shake your ass,” she added, giggling. Cassy performs in June 2013 at the Boiler Room in London, one of several clubs around the world that host live streams of DJ sets. While Cassy wants to DJ as long as she can, she admitted that it’s not just about playing music. “It’s a very challenging way of life, and you have to be comfortable with it,” she said, mentioning that she’s had “a lot of negative experiences” as a female DJ. “But I guess, it’s always how you look at it in the end.

The unlucky few classical fans who didn’t think ahead and buy a subscription can find themselves scrambling for the few dozen returned tickets the Friends are able to provide for individual chamber events. The key to success: consistency. The group has been at it for 60 years, bringing to Denver some of the biggest international names in classical music. It knows its niche basically one-night-only events featuring top talent and hones it with care. A lot goes into the programming, which is overseen by the Music Committee, a half-dozen or so board members who hash out the season. They all bring their agenda to the table. Some like traditional Baroque, others go for contemporary sounds. Some are fans of quartets, and others prefer celebrity players. Things can get passionate, according to committee member John Lebsack , a Denver attorney who has been on the board for 20 years. The conversation is always cordial, but it can get blunt. “But by the time you take into account all the views and different perspectives of five or six people, you usually end up with a pretty good decision,” he said. The committee starts with a few anchors; there are always a few string quartets in the mix, maybe a string soloist or two, but after that, a bit of horse trading goes on. Past performance counts.

Friends of Chamber Music has the formula down, and audiences like it

By Jocelyn Vena (@jocelyn1212) Justin Timberlake has a few tricks up his sleeve going into this weekend’s iHeartRadio Music Festival . And some of the rabbits he’s pulling out of his top hat are unreleased tracks off The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2 out September 30. “It’s gonna be fun to play this year. Well I have not put the set list together yet because, as you know, I procrastinate on things like that. We’re looking at playing some new material from the second half of this record,” the “Take Back The Night” singer said of the follow-up to March’s The 20/20 Experience in an interview with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday. Timberlake has already teased to MTV News that the second half will be the “more dangerous” older sister, saying, “The first half the sun is out the second half the moon is out, I don’t know.” In addition to new music, Timberlake will soon hit the big screen in “Runner Runner” alongside Batman himself, Ben Affleck. “It’s an exciting movie it’s a lot of fun too. I got excited when I first read the script because it reminded me of a certain genre of thriller that you and I probably grew up with,” he said of the film, which hits theaters on October 4. “The characters are really intelligent. It just felt like a nice little twist but also an homage to the thrillers that I love growing up. And then Ben Affleck signed on. We had a lot of fun shooting it. It’s smart and it’s got a lot in it.” The same day he appeared on Seacrest’s radio show, the “Today” show teased a part of their upcoming interview with the pop star, where he weighs in on Miley Cyrus’ headline-making VMA performance, which he previously likened to performances from Britney Spears and Madonna . “I don’t know that I have definitive thought in one direction or the other about it.