Justin Bieber Busts Out ‘lolly’ Raps With Juicy J In New Video

Maejor Ali, Justin Bieber and Juicy J in "Lolly"

As much as we love it when Justin Bieber gets #dark with his styling choices, our favorite JB accessories have got to be his two younger siblings — especially his uber-portable baby bro, Jaxon ! Remember, Beliebers, a shadowy wide-brim hat or a chill-inducing gas mask may be cool in the moment, but an adorable kid brother is always on-trend. While chilling at home on a six-week break between the North American and Asian legs of his Believe Tour , Justin has apparently been trying to squeeze in as much QT with the fam as possible. Taking to Instagram, JB posted a video of him teaching Jaxon how to swim in the family’s hot tub. Cute! Oh, and did we mention that Justin’s as shirtless as ever? CUTE. Watch Justin Bieber go swimming with his little brother Jaxon after the jump. Captioning “Me and jaxon swimming today,” the clip shows the “Wait For A Minute” singer moving to one side of the Jacuzzi so that his little brother can learn to paddle a couple of feet at a time. Wow, if only we didn’t already know how to swim, we’d sign up for Justin’s class in a second. Swim a lap, hug the Bieb! Swim a lap, hug the Bieb! We feel like this method of encouragement would work WONDERS for us. Hmmm, perhaps that was Madison Beer ‘s thought as well back when she signed up to be his “Melodies” protege…

Justin Bieber’s ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Prank: Get A Grip Internet

Justin Bieber Angers Batman Vs. Superman Fans With Instagram Script Prank

It features producer Maejor (formerly known as Bei Maejor) chilling alongside (the occasionally shirtless) Bieber and Juicy as they rap about hot girls, their prowess as lovers and partying. There are plenty of dancers, popping and locking their way through the clip, throwing a few lollipops up in the air. Though one listen to the track and it is clear “lolly” isn’t referring to a sugary confection. “Lolly” first made headlines back in February (it officially hit iTunes Tuesday), and Juicy opened up to MTV News about working with the 19-year-old singer on the more mature track. “[Maejor Ali] hit me up, man. He’s like he’s got this record with Justin Bieber he wanted me to do a verse on it,” Juicy said earlier this year. “He was like ‘Man, I think this would be crazy… me, you and Justin Bieber,’ which I thought was a great idea too. It’s like people are shocked right now. They’re like ‘What the …?’ He sent me the instrumental and I did my verse to it.” “I love it, man. He went in, man. It shows he can sing, dance, rap,” Juicy added. “He’s talented.

Superman Prank: Get A Grip Internet As Internet pranks go, Justin Biebers mental molestation of superhero film fans, specifically the Batman Vs. Superman brigade, was a corker. Somewhat awesomely, the pop star hasnt even gotten around to explicitly confirming his Instagrammed snap of a seemingly legit copy of a watermarked Zack Snyder/David S. Goyer script tagged #robin?? was a fake. [Note: As of a few hours ago, however, the teen singer retweeted a new “Funny or Die” tease with Chris O’Donnell.] That was left to The Wrap, who cited a source, saying , A person with knowledge of the real script assured The Wrap that the photo Bieber Instagrammed over the weekend is not authentic, and is most likely part of an upcoming Funny or Die sketch. But even without the sources clarification, the fact the 19-year-old tweeted a huge red flag hours before he posted the Instagram (Off to do something funny ordie ) should have prevented the resulting histrionics that kicked off. Over at Comic Book Resources , Steve Sunu believes the willingness of the Internet to swallow the idea that Warner Bros. had actually cast the singer is an indication of how desperate everyone is for news about Zack Snyders Man of Steel sequel following the controversial casting of Ben Affleck as Batman. Considering a decade has passed since Daredevils woeful transit, Afflecks post-Argo renaissance should have afforded him more respect than he received from the Internet when news of his role broke. The Bostonian recently admitted on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that the films producers warned him to expect strong reactions from super fans, even showing him past negative reactions to other castings. I was like, Im a big boy, he recalled. If I can handle the Emmy snub, I can handle anything! Affleck then revealed one of the first online comments he saw about his casting was, Noooooooo! The actor told Fallon he shut the browser then quipped, Were gonna be Luddites for a while, kids. But if the gnashing over Affleck in Batman Vs. Superman is bad, for Biebers hypothetical Robin its been apocalyptic . One commenter at the Canadian singers Instagram page, mssabrinalogan, wrote : F*** all these fan girls who are now gunna like Batman if Justin is Robin. Us DC fans actually matter and if they dont want this movie to be a huge failure they wont cast Justin. Plus his acting sucks.