Beyoncé In Brazil: See Stunning Pics Of The Singer In South America!

It takes a lot of nerve to slap one of the most famous backsides in the world, yet one of Beyonces fans did just that during a Mrs. Carter Show World Tour stop in Copenhagen, Denmark . As she sang a front-row fan took the initiative to reach out and touch the Bootylicious singers booty while she performed Irreplaceable. Theres just something about that song that apparently drives her fans wild. The singer only stopped long enough to warn the fan that she could have him escorted out before continuing singing: . THE POWER TO RENDER FANS UNCONSCIOUS Its not always fans trying to get their hands on the former Destinys Child singer, though. During yet another rendition of Irreplaceable during a tour stop in Nashville , Beyonce reached out and grabbed a fans hand. The young man enthusiastically held onto her hand while jumping up and down. Then Beyonce clad in a skintight electric blue sparkly jumpsuit went a step further and knelt down to give him a hug, which caused the young man to faint. . NO FAN CAN STOP HER While Beyonce normally responds gracefully to on-stage antics, she did get in one infamous fight with a fan during a concert in Montreal back in July. However, the fan in question wasnt a person, but a stage prop. As the singer belted out Halo, she wandered too close to a fan and her hair got caught in the propellers. Ever the professional, Beyonce kept singing as she and a few stage hands attempted to pry her hair from the machine.

Dutchie and Beyonce keeps Llanelli pupils on the left

Beyonce (left) and Musical Youth

Youngsters at Llanelli’s Bryngwyn School have heard Beyonce singing “to the left, to the left,” from her 2006 hit, Irreplaceable, between lessons. But Musical Youth’s reggae number Pass the Dutchie is the current hit at the 800-pupil comprehensive. The dining area also has footprints on the path to help youngsters steer left. In turns of outcomes, it has been really positive, with the pupils and staff responding well End Quote Paul Jones Head teacher The songs are piped into hallways after the buzzer sounds between lessons. Head teacher Paul Jones said the music was part of the school’s keep-left initiative to smooth out the movement of staff and teachers at busy times. It began with Beyonce but has since moved on the No 1 hit from 1982, Pass the Dutchie, which included the line “on the left hand side”. The musical snippets are played as pupils move between lessons Mr Jones said: “The idea is simple; the musical extract simply repeats the message ‘on the left hand side on the left hand side… on the left hand side’. “In turns of outcomes, it has been really positive, with the pupils and staff responding well.” The music extracts are played over the school’s tannoy at the start of lessons using a CD player. The idea came from pupils at a school council meeting. Mr Jones said: “The school hopes to get the pupils to compose their own work for later in the year as a part of a curriculum project to develop an in-school radio station.” The keep-left initiative also involves bilingual English-Welsh posters and novel footprints on the walkways in the dining area. Pass the Dutchie was a No 1 for three weeks in October 1982 and went on to sell more than five millions copies worldwide. More on This Story

by Alyssa Toomey Wed., Sep. 18, 2013 10:58 AM PDT Loading… Looks like Beyonce is really making the most out of her time in Brazil. The 32-year-old performerwho is currently on the Brazilian leg of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tourposted a slew of new shots from her time in South America, and clearly, Blue Ivy’s mama is enjoying the cuisine, culture and beautiful scenery in the Latin American country. In true Queen Bey fashion, Jay Z’s missus didn’t provide any commentary for the stunning photos, which include silly shots of Bey , pics of the beach in Brazil and even an appearance by mom Tina Knowles. VIDEO: Watch the promo clip for the Brazilian leg of Bey’s Mrs. Carter Show In one photo, Bey is seemingly wearing minimal clothing as she proudly poses with a giant heart adorned with the country’s flag, covering herself up while making a kissy face for the camera. In another gorgeous shot, the “Love On Top” singer flaunts her bangin’ bod while barefoot on a rocky beach, sporting a fitted leopard print shirt, super short denim shorts and a gold choker, wearing her sassy bob pulled back. PHOTOS: Bey’s best red carpet moments The singer also struts her stuff on a sandy beach, beer in hand, and she even shared a shot of a special message she wrote in the sand for fans. A source told E! News that Queen Bey is staying in a mansion by the beach in Trancoso, Bahia, a fishing village which is renowned for sightings of the local rich and famous. According to E! News Brazil, the trendy getaway town has attracted the likes of Naomi Campbell , Bar Refaeli , Matthew McConaughey and Miranda Kerr in the past. WATCH: Beyonce gets a kiss from Kid President! The legendary performer brought her own entourage to Brazil and is said to be cooking and taking care of the home herself with a little help from her staff as well as her mom Tina.

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